Red Gel Nail Polish Set 6pcs UV LED Soak Off 8ml Gel Polish Kit Professional - Glitter Red & Colour Change DC20

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Lavender Violets
Soak Off Gel Nail Polish
Glitter,Sequined,Nude color,Colour Change
6 x 8ml Gel Polish
Wear Time:
2-3 weeks
with gift box

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Instructions for the correct application

1. Shake the gel polish bottle vigorously for a minute prior to use, which makes the application process easier and better, as there might have some pigment deposit in the bottom of the gel polish bottle after long term storage.

2. Please apply the Gel Nail Polish BASE, COLOUR & TOP COAT in sequence.

3. Apply BASE COAT and cure with 12W LED lamp for 30s at medium dried condition, which can help colour coat absorbed completely.

4. Apply COLOUR COAT and cure with 12W LED lamp for 30s at medium dried condition, which can make top coat absorbed well.

5. Repeat step 4 and then apply TOP COAT to seal and cure with 12W LED lamp for 60s at absolute dried condition, to have an amazing and shiny colour.

6. Please DOUBLE the drying times to follow the above steps if you are using 36w UV lamp.

7. KEEP OPEN BOTTLES AWAY FROM UV/LED LAMP, store in a dark place at room temperature as it sensitive for light. Always replace the lid tightly between uses during manicure process.


Gently buff your natural nails BEFORE applying Base Coat if you want for a last longer manicure.

Try doing multiple THIN coats instead of one or two thick gloppy coats so to have a smooth gel nails.

About Lavender Violets - Colour Your Life

Founded in 2015, Lavender Violets is a company dedicated to help women to save time and money by getting salon-quality nails at home. All of our gel polish colours are deliberately chosen based on the most popular colors selected by Pantone Color Institute TM, which allow you always be fashionable.

Package Included

6 x Soak Off Gel Nail Polish (8ml)

Recent Reviews ( 5 )
I’ve used a few gel polishes and these are fine some say they are too thick they are not you just need to wipe the excess polish off before you apply. Some of the lighter colours you need to do 3 coats instead of 2 but you do that with many brands. I’ve ordered lots of these gel polishes they are long lasting as long as you use them correctly.
Fast delivery, beautiful packaging, all colours opaque in two coats! Super shiny and gorgeous colours! Love this highly recommend also such a bargin!
Arrived after couple days of ordering. Seller emailed me upon ordering to advise they didn't have 8ml of the pink but were sending me two 5ml bottles instead of that colour. The colours are lovely and bright, they are not soft pastels, but description doesn't say they are. Goes on well, and I am pleased with the product. Very good value for money.
Happy with the product and coats are easy to apply. Colours resemble the pictures in the add. Very happy customer.
Amazing product and really good customer service