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Is a Gel Nail Lamp Better Than a Traditional UV Lamp?

  • Sunday, 10 January 2021
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Is a Gel Nail Lamp Better Than a Traditional UV Lamp?

Are you wondering what are its advantages over ultraviolet light gel nails? Well, first of all you need to use a strong industrial-grade acetone to destroy the UV gel nail that will weaken your natural nails and eventually dry out the surrounding healthy skin tissue.gel nail light Then there's the problem of the drying process. When it gets dried up, it gets brittle and easily breaks. This makes it very difficult to work with and you'll get tired of constantly having to re-do your nails because they're too hard. Lastly, the UV gel nail can be removed easily using a proper polish remover.

So now that we've got all the disadvantages, what are its best advantages? It is generally considered better than UV light for acrylic nails since it doesn't destroy the gel.gel nail light gel nail light This means that it is much less time consuming to apply. If you want to speed up the drying time and prevent cracking, then an electric nail file is your best choice. But it has disadvantages also: You need to wear protective gloves when you're applying this and the light bulbs in the electric nail file can get expensive and energy efficient.

Then we have the dryer.gel nail light You definitely don't want to go out with just a piece of gel. A professional dryer uses a high powered 6W dryer that can do several hundreds of hours of drying per session. These dryers are usually very affordable and some experts include an extra battery in the purchase so you can go longer between sessions without having to buy another.

An average gel nail dryer works well with around five minutes of drying time. On average, this means about four seconds of your fingers being exposed to the extremely bright light emitted by the dryer. The average exposure time on a low-powered LED nail dryer can be even faster. If you want to reduce this time by more than half, you need a powerful dryer with a series of batteries.

If you don't want to spend thousands of dollars on a professional manicure and pedicure technician, you can always do it at home. There's an easier way! Two minutes after applying your polish, place a single LED lamp next to each nail bed. One of these lamps will dry your nails in just two minutes!

Once you place your finger on the nail bed, remove your protective glove. Place the timer on one of the lamps. Turn the timer on and leave it until the timer goes off. Then, carefully press down gently on the nail with the back of your fingernail. Keep your fingers in the same position as if you were manicuring them with the dryer - but without pressing down with the dryer. You're using the timer to guide the drying process.

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