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Important Features To Look For In A Nail Drying Device

  • Wednesday, 10 March 2021
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Important Features To Look For In A Nail Drying Device

A gel nail dryer is a great new product for those who love to cut their finger nails to their desired length. It allows a person to get up to sixty multiple strokes for the application of gel nails. This process does take a bit of time since a person has to dip their finger into the bottle of gel and then wait a few seconds before removing it. There are other products on the market that allow a person to apply gel nails quickly, but they often do not work as well. Reviewed hundreds of gel nail dryers and pastels to identify the very best of the very best.

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Considered many different aspects in search of the perfect nail dryer, such as cost, drying power, type of lighting, size and portability, as well as extra accessories and extras. Our review team spent hours testing gel nail dryer models and evaluating each one on quality, ease of use, gel length, cleaning and reliability. We also took several different models for comparison purposes to ensure that we had reviewed all aspects of gel nail dryer efficiency.

The first feature we evaluated was how the lamp worked. Most models come with three different bulbs, but only one of them is actually an active lamp - the third is an ultraviolet LED nail lamp. While this lamp can look a bit dim, it is still easy to see and extremely efficient in drying your nails. The only thing is that it can only be used with gel paint or acrylics. Gel acrylics are a harder substance than regular acrylics, so the UV LED nail lamp is not very practical for using with these types of products.

Next we evaluated ease of use and cleaning. All of the nail dryer models were easy to use, but there were just a few that were easier to clean than others. For example, some require you to turn the lamp off first before you can remove the gel from the base, which makes it difficult to wash out. There are also several types of gel nail designs with unique cleaning requirements, but in general, all require you to simply run the lamp under water for at least a minute or so.

Finally, we evaluated both the drying time and the curing time. Detachable bases are convenient because they allow you to quickly change out the gel color or pattern while the base is drying, which can be a lifesaver if you have an important event coming up. Gel nail dryers that have a removable base also have the advantage of being much easier to clean. With gel nail dryers with a detachable base, you can put your nails in the freezer beforehand and then remove the base and wash them in your bathroom sink with plain water.

Overall, gel nail dryer reviews provide an insight into the key features that will appeal most to you. Detachable bases make it easier to change colors as your manicure is taking shape. Gel nail designs have become more advanced and colorful. They also are often more appealing than ever before. When you are ready to purchase a new nail dryer, take the time to evaluate the three main features to help you choose the right manicure tool for you: convenience, cleaning and quality.

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