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How to Thin Nail Polish

How to Thin Nail Polish

  • Friday, 17 July 2020
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Like many cosmetics, nail polish that has been exposed to air will lose its effectiveness over time. Old nail polish will become thick, clumpy and difficult to apply. Fortunately, there are a simple few beauty tricks that you can try to extend the life of your nail polish. To thin nail polish, try warming the bottle using your hands or hot water if the polish just recently started separating, or add small amounts of nail polish thinner to the bottle when dealing with older polish that no longer responds to these warming techniques. Properly storing your nail polish will also reduce future clumps.

1. Turn the bottle upside down to blend the pigments back together. Keep flipping it upside down and right-side-up for two to three minutes.. Sometimes, this is all your nail polish needs in order to get revived.

2. Roll the bottle between the palms of your hands for a few minutes. The warmth from your hands will create a thinner consistency and help make it easier to spread on your nails. Never shake the bottle, as this will create tiny bubbles.

3. Try holding the bottle under hot water for two minutes. Make sure that the bottle is tightly closed, and hold it by the cap so that you don't burn your fingers. The hot water will warm the nail polish up and make it easier to spread on your nails.

4. Paint one nail to test the consistency. Allow the first coat to dry before applying a second one. 

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