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How to Make Flower Nail Art

How to Make Flower Nail Art

  • Thursday, 16 July 2020
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1. Apply your base color. Choose a color that will provide a nice backdrop for your flowers. Roll the polish between your palms to get it all mixed and ready. Don’t shake, as that will cause air bubbles that can dry out your polish.

Dip the brush into the polish, being careful not to overload the brush with polish.

Try to use only three strokes to apply the polish to your fingernail. If necessary, use a few more strokes to distribute the polish evenly on your nail.

Let your base coat dry fully before moving on to the flowers. 

2. Choose two colors to create your flowers. You’ll want to choose colors that contrast enough with your base color that your flowers stand out. Choose opaque polishes, because it is not easy to go over an intricate flower design with a second coat of polish. However, sheer polishes can certainly be used to create more subtle flowers.

3. Create dots on your nails using your brush or a toothpick. If your nail polish brush is small enough to create the dots, certainly go ahead and use them. If not, set them aside and instead dip a toothpick into the polish. You should get enough polish on the end to form a dot. If the toothpick is too pointy and isn’t picking up enough polish when dipped, gently press the end of it into a hard surface until it flattens slightly.

These dots will be forming the center of the flower, so place them on your nails accordingly. You may want to just do one flower per nail, or several. Leave room for the “petal” dots that you’ll be painting next!

If you don’t have toothpicks, or don’t like the effect you’re creating with a toothpick, feel free to use any other thin tool to create the dots.

4. Make five dots- the petals- around the original dot, using your second color. Dip your brush or toothpick into your second color of polish. Get enough polish on the end of the toothpick to form a dot. You will be placing dots around the original dots you created to form the petals of the flower. You can make as many petals as you’d like, but typically flowers are created with five or six.

Once you’ve created the petal dots, you can leave them as is, or drag them to create different shapes. For example, try placing the petal dots farther away from the center dot, and then using your toothpick to “drag” the polish to the center. This will create more teardrop-shaped petals.

Don’t be afraid to get creative. Experiment with different colors, different petal shapes, etc. Once you get more comfortable using a toothpick to apply the polish, you can try different things.

5. Allow your flowers to dry fully. This is incredibly important, because trying to apply a top coat too early or bumping your wet nails on something will distort your beautiful flowers. 

6. Paint a stem. This is entirely optional. If you have green nail polish, use a super thin brush or a clean toothpick to create a small stem snaking its way from the flower. You can connect multiple flowers with stems, and even add little leaves!

There are special nail polish pens that make intricate details like stems and leaves much easier. 

7. Enhance the background or add sparkles. If you want to add even more individuality to your nail design, go ahead! You can use the toothpick to add tiny dots to the background, or other thin designs. Combining floral patterns with geometric backgrounds is extremely trendy. If you have a sheer glitter polish, you can paint a coat over the design to give it some sparkle.

8. Apply a clear topcoat. A good topcoat protects the polish from every day wear and tear, and it acts as a barrier to prevent chipping and other damage. Additionally, a topcoat adds a beautiful shine to your nails.

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