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What should I pay attention to before doing Dip nails?

What should I pay attention to before doing Dip nails?

  • Thursday, 02 July 2020
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Dip manicures are like a hybrid between a manicure and fake nails, and can last three to four weeks. Compared to typical gel or acrylic nails, dip manicures are thinner, and require less filing and special tools. They have a more natural look, are less likely to lift, and are easier to apply. Furthermore, no odorous liquid monomer or UV light is needed. You can seal up broken or split nails with this lightweight overlay of powder and resin.

1. Use polish remover as well as a cuticle pusher. If you have polish on your nails, remove it with non-acetone nail polish remover on a lint-free pad. Use a cuticle pusher to gently nudge your cuticles slightly back. Gently remove any excess cuticle sticking up with a cuticle trimmer or scraper.

This will allow new nail growth to show so that your manicure will last longer before needing a fill.

2. Buff the top surfaces of the nails. Whether natural, acrylic or gel, smooth the surfaces of your nail manually with a nail file. Use a 180 grit file or block, or a natural nail stone. Brush away the grit from filing with a nail brush or makeup powder brush.

Pay extra attention to buffing the grooves and the cuticle area.

3. File away any problematic areas. Examine the sides of your nails for any loose or damaged edges. Also look for any lifting if you have a previous dip manicure you’re filling. Use a coarse nail file (100 or 180 grit) on any such areas.

If you don’t already have tips on and you want to add them to lengthen your nails, trim your natural nails down to short length. Use the nail file to smooth the edges.

4. Sanitize your nails with alcohol. Dampen a paper towel or lint-free pad with alcohol or nail sanitizer. You can use an antiseptic spray, or a sanitizer in a pourable container. Rub the moistened towel over your nails, and your fingers – from the closest knuckle to your cuticles, down towards your nails.

This cleans and dehydrates the surface of your nails to prepare them for a dip manicure. You don’t want to seal in any bacteria or grime.

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